Sunday, June 30, 2013

'Big Things' mural by Alynn-Mags

Alynn-Mags have a thing for Bugs.  This summer we started a series of walls generously supported by our IronLak friends and family.  Our first piece tested out our watercolor meets mural on a wall in SF near Dolores Park. After that successful piece, Alynn-Mags decided to head to Oakland....

This wall is 4 times the size: the length of a parking lot and two stories high.  We kept with the watercolor-meets-bug theme and added some extra flare. 
AmandaLynn was inspired by a photo taken by Erin Ashford, evoking the spirit of a happy hottie, dressed it to impress, kickin back, and enjoying the wind.

And Mags came through with a giant piece the color of water to cool her off.

The background is based off some of Alynn-Mags fine art watercolor collaborations. This was a big, hot project....But it was well worth it. 
More to come!
Alynn Mags

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