Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fine Art Collaborations

AmandaLynn and Lady Mags are  gearing up for a fine art show.  Here are some preview shots. More details to come!
 Process shots of collaboration pieces

Cats and Collaborations: Alynn-Mags, Lea Bruno, UPSF-- Collaborations update

Recently, AmandaLynn and Lady Mags were invited to participate in San Francisco's Urban Protoype Festival.  Architects and young designers were showing their new ideas amidst graffiti artists, musicians, and tasty food stands.  Amanda and Mags decided to collaborate on a canvas with a cat theme, homage to Amanda's late awesome black cat : Morgana.

We were fortunate to paint next to
Apex, Agana, and Jan Swayze.

The incredibly talented
Nicholas Lea Bruno also complete a B and W photo series of Lady Mags and AmandaLynn during our anniversary wall (featured HERE on IronLak Blog). 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Glow, Erin Yoshi, Amanda Lynn, Lady Mags: Updates, stories, interviews, book covers and more

It has been another busy month for the Alynn-Mags team: Amanda Lynn partnered up with GLOW to paint a beautiful truck for her friend Stella's birthday. Erin Yoshi invited us to show work at the Dunk The Junk show, which featured some work from Lady Mags, Erin herself, Amanda Lynn, Glow and Agana. In the midst of all this Amanda Lynn gave an excellent interview for Street Art SF that featured her work, as well as the most recent productions by Alynn-Mags. This Same Month Lady Mags designed a book cover for a new series. Also, BIG news: Alynn-Mags had their anniversary of the first wall they ever painted together. The Anniversary wall is featured here, but was also supported by IRONLAK, and they gave us love on their blog too. What is in store next month? Alynn-Mags have a few collaborations coming up, 2 new walls and who knows what more might be in store!!! 
Book Cover Lady Mags




The ladies

Erin Yoshi

Amanda Lynn
Erin Yoshi

Glow, Lady Mags, Erin Yoshi, Amanda Lynn, Erin Yoshi