Friday, August 24, 2012

Leave the Beef

Alynn-Mags have friends in this upcoming show.  There is a great list of writers showing their fine art muscles here.  Don't miss it: tomorrow, BBQ time-isms.  3 ish. to 7 ish. At Guerrero Gallery.  See flyer below.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It has been a while: We've been busy, new walls in SF, OAK, and some tunnel somewhere....

Last week ALYNN and MAGS teamed up with HOPS to paint for most of the weekend.  We painted in SF, OAK and around the ways.  HOPS and MAGS switched letters and fills.  The whole weekend was super fun.  
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Alynn Mags VIDEO release

There is always that moment in New York City: the moment you blend into the crowd and disappear.  Then, all of a sudden,  you find yourself really belonging in one of the greatest cities on earth.  This is about those moments.


A few weeks ago AmandaLynn and Lady Mags, of Few N Far, got invited by Inked Magazine to paint a mural and have it featured in Inked's upcoming Art and Design issue.  Mags reached out to her NYC connects, and found a dope wall at Community 54 on the Lower East Side.  These ladies knew it was going to be hot out in NYC…. and as soon as they landed, the trip got even hotter: New York City’s live hip hop group, Dujeous, partnered with Alynn-Mags, IronLak, and director TomP to document the experience.

This isn’t just your regular graffiti video .... This is an original graffiti rap music video, painted, recorded, and cut in New York City. 

AmandaLynn and Lady Mags:
Few N Far:
Inked Magazine:
Community 54: