Sunday, January 13, 2013

Alynn Mags in the tunnels: first pieces of 2013

2013 is starting off well.  Alynn-Mags finished a mural production in Oakland at a bus stop off of 2nd Ave. The duo were fortunate to be accompanied by the very talented, Lindsey Millikan, aka. Milli.  The three of them completed a new years mural in no time.
A week later, Lady Mags took Amandalynn (ALynn) down to the tunnels for Amanda's first spray piece.  She killed it! Mags sketched out some 'ALynn' letters, but Amandalynn filled and outlined herself.  Amazing work for a first time, the duo is getting stronger each day.  But the experience was not without some obstacles... Climbing into the creek proved to be a crisis, as the water was much higher than Mags remembered.  As soon as the ladies hopped in, water poured into their boots, freezing their feet. After hiking half a mile in a pitch black tunnel the two of them spent the rest of the time in waterlogged socks, pants, and boots.... makings of a very chilly experience, but all worth it in the end!  Here are a few pictures from their adventures.

Mural on 2nd Avenue in Oakland

Close Up Alynn

Alynn Helping Mags get water out of her shoe, and cutting off her wet tights.
Alynn posing in front of a Mags throwie

The scene

Alynn's first spray piece

Backwards Mags (Sgam)

The scene

Night time

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  1. Were those Footed Tights you're cutting up ..? how much did you cut away in the end ..